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ZS5S BEACON @ WW 2012-05-01 13:04 8670 General Beacon Info - 12MAY01

This is an addendum to the bulletin titled 
      'Active Beacons < 30 Mhz'.

HF Beacon Coordinators:

IARU Region 1: Martin Harrison, G3USF -
IARU Region 2: Bill, WJ5O -
IARU Region 3: Peter Norden, ZL2SJ -

Beacon Hardware & Software:
   - The 5 Mhz beacon monitoring s/w (also for 3597 kHz)
   - Beacons a Bunch
   - for a beacon Keyer
   - source code for above PSK31 audio beacon
   - KOLR - Beacon Message Software and much more
   - BeaconTrack software including world map
   - 'Beacon Clock' for monitoring NCDXG beacons
   - MFJ Beacon Monitor 
   - Beaclock - to assist you in identifying NCDXF beacons
     06OCT04: Now a new Windows version is available.

   - Automatic Beacon Monitoring Stations
   - for a PSK31 audio beacon kit
   - low power WSPR program for MEPT_JT
   - Active Beacon Wizard ++ - to identify NCDXF beacons
   - Keeps track of which station is on.
     Go to DOWNLOAD > P-t-B Ham radio s/w & select 'Beacon Assistant'.
   - Beacon Tracker
   - to copy weak signals like QRSS - Argon available free

DX Clusters:
------------ (no response)
   - dx spotter website
   - DX Cluster Resource Connection
   - same as DX Summit
   - Channel Markers & Cluster Beacons or
   - DX Summit
   - cluster
   - RN6BU
   - same as DX Summit

Remote Controlled Transceivers and Receivers:
       access receiver
   - remote controlled
   - remote controlled receivers
   - remote controlled receiver in the Netherlands

For more beacon and related information, visit:
   - Italian QRPp/QRSs beacons around 28.322 kHz
   - Dynamic collection of propagation information
   - dx spots 28 Mhz
   - Alfredo's beacon and info page, incl. QSL cards
   - Single letter beacons explained
   - to locate longitude & latitude and locator
   - HF beacon reports
   - graphic display of auto monitoring IARU/NCDXF beacons

   - under construction
   - LF transmitter, home project
   - Channel Markers & Cluster Beacons
   - 'smart beacon' & wireless microphone
   - -
   - beacon sound recordings
   - Map of Europe with beacons superimposed*mapband=HY&callsign=n4vbv&scriptver=3
   - The Internet Portal to the PropNET Project
   - remote controlled receivers

   - dx (& beacon) spots
   - Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment
   - Czeck Solar and Geomagnetic Activities - by OK1HH
   - Difisonde Station List
   - UK propagation studies of HF/UHF boundary
   - 'Wingrid' - a program to convert Maidenhead grid
     locators into longitude/latitude v.v. and give
     distance and bearing between any two locations.
   - Single letter Russian beacons/markers explained 
   - Aurora beacon, history of German beacons
   - DL8WX beacon list -
   - Single Letter Markers
   - 'Freaking Beacon' - keyer kits
      Info on synchronized beacons
        contact Bill Coleman:
   - Six and Ten Report
   - G0AEV's Beacons
   - All 10 meter beacons on a Google Earth overlay
   - Monthly analysis of the NCDXF Beacon Chain:
   - Predictions
   - Signal Propagation Forecasts
   - Beacon monitoring from Alaska
   - RSGB Propagation Studies Committee:
   - Beacon Identification Messages
   - G3USF's Worldwide List of HF Beacons
   - Personal site with link to a 10m Propagation Study
   - HF/MF Radio Propagation/Solar Space Weather etc.
   - beacon information
   - message board/forums
   - beacon list (very outdated) 
   - all about the NCDXF beacons 
   - current working status of each of the beacons
     (not always up-to-date!)
   - CCW archieves
   - beacon information
   - PCW24 (CCW s/w):
   - self monitored 20 Mhz beacons (outdated)
   - HF Beacon Website. Lots of info and links.
   - N9SSA  Pete's QRP project -

   - Miniprop or
   - WJ5O beacon list
   - World map of Locator squares
   - remote controlled receivers
   - reverse 'beacons' listening for you's%20-%20SCANNER%20&%20HAM%20Radio%Frequencies%20-%Ebook.pdf
   - LOTS of frequencies, nor only ham related
   - A book called "Funk-Baken und Indikatorstationen"
   - Near-Real-Time MUF Map - Proplab-Pro
   - General Propagation Links
   - The most advanced propagation prediction software
   - WUN (World Utility Network) site of 'Digital Sounds'

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