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Subject: Submitting TH-G71 Radio Mod.

TH-G71 "Beyond MARS" Mod

1. Remove the battery pack and antenna
2. Open the SPKR/MIC dust cover.
3. Remove the three screws from the back panel of the transceiver.
4. Carefully lift up the bottom end of the back panel and pull the
entire back panel toward the bottom of the transceiver to clear the
antenna connector from the top panel.  Do not break the ribbon cable
that connects the back panel PCB to the front case PCB.
5. Set the back panel to the left of the front case.
6. Locate* and remove surface mount diodes D512 (Receive Extend) and/or
D513 (Transmit Extend) from the bottom right side of the front case
PCB. If the green jumper wire has been cut previously, reconnect it at
this time.
7. Assemble the transceiver by reversing the steps above.  The unit
will reset when powered up.

* Diode D512 is oriented vertically and located at the bottom left of a
trio of SMC parts.  These three parts form a "Pi" like shape
approximately 1/4 of the distance from the right hand side of the front
PCB when the radio is placed face down, bottom of the unit towards
you.  D512 is the right "leg" of the "Pi".   D513 is to the right of
this group and slightly closer to the edge of the board it is also
oriented vertically, near the bottom left corner of a larger
rectangular component.  The green wire is to the right of the larger

NOTE: this change also allows the transceiver to access a previously
suppressed menu, number 16.  This menu allows the unit to switch
between FM and AM Rxr detection in the 118 -136 mHz band.

Resulting Operational Ranges:

TX: 136.000mHz - 173.995mHz,  400.000mHz - 469.995mHz
RX: 118.000mHz - 173.995mHz, 320.000mHz - 469.995mHz, 800.000mHz -
823.9875mHz, 849.000 - 868.9875mHz, 894.000mHz - 949.9875mHz

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