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VK6ZRT PACKET @ WW 2013-12-28 09:02 893 RE: Not enough USERS


It works like this,

Lots of users = Lots of Messages.
Lots of Messages = Lots of users.

You cannot have one without the other.

Here in VK6 we have had Failed BBS's, failed Digi's,
failed internet links all meaning no traffic.

I lost most of my VK6 Users on this BBS due to all of
the above and finally converted to a WinFBB Telnet BBS
sadly to late to get any of them back.

My bbs only has 1 VK6 user all the others are from
VK2 and the USA.

I have no Radio port users and could just turn them off
as I think no one would notice.

Only 3 out of 9 of my BBS forwarding parteners are in VK6.

Here in VK6 we used to have 7 city BBS's and 7 country BBS's.

We now have 3 city BBS's and 1 Country BBS (Me).

I will keep the BBS going until either the hardware dies
or I have no users or I have no forwarding parteners.