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F6DQM MORSE @ WW 2000-06-03 18:26 2944 CW_Player 1.81 New Release


F6DQM/TPK 1.82 Msg #:265  Le 3/06/00 a 8:57Z

F6DQM/TPK 1.82 Msg #:260  Le 30/05/00 a 12:37Z

Hello OM
A new release of the  CW_Player program has been put on the Web site of

This new release includes :

-Keyboard  shortcuts  for all commands and controls of the program. This has
been claimed by blind OMs who cannot use a mouse, but it is also convenient 
for  OMs  using  portable  PCs, the mouse of which is not very easy to use.
Even  for those of us who are not blind and have fixed PCs, it is also more
convenient  to  call the Help with the F1 key, or to change the caracters to
play with the F10 key than going into the menu with the mouse.
Well now, you can navigate inside CW_Player only using the keyboard.
Also,  blind  OMs  have got a keyboard shortcut to hear their Quiz mark, as
far as they cannot read it on the screen. The current mark is played in CW.

-Display  of  the  error code when the sound card cannot be opened at start
up. This is to help understand your problem.

-Fix  an  error  at  start  up that appeared with some configurations using
WinNT and Win2000. Now it should work from Win95 to Win2000. Let me know if
still error at start-up appears.

-Add  the  possibility  to  loop on a file (this was already existing for a
manual text in 1.8 release).

-Add in the PC-TX.bmp file a simple circuit to KEY your transceiver from a tone 
.  This was claimed by OMs who want to send live CW with CW_Player by using
the 800Hz outputs of the sound card.
  This    circuit    uses  a 567 tone decoder. It is OK for speed less than
25wpm.  For greater speeds, the keying suffers from the delay of the internal
PLL to lock on the 800 Hz incoming signal.

That's all folks !

For OMs who have forgotten  what is CW_Player, I remember them that it is a 
free  software for learning and training the Morse code. It needs a sound card
 and Win95 as a minimum.
The morse characters are sent on the outputs of the sound card .
The speed varies from 5 wpm to 50 wpm.
It  plays  the Alphabet, the Q codes, the most common abbreviations, random
series, text files and manual inputs from the keyboard.
It features a QUIZ mode to control your knowledge.

If  you manage a Web site, don't hesitate to copy it and put it on your Web
pages so that new visitors can discover what is CW.

Some of you asked for a Linux version. I am sorry, but I don't use Linux at
home.  I  heard that an emulator named WINE (to drink moderatly !) exits to
run Windows applications under the Linux environment.
I  did  not  try  it,  but I would be interested to know if CW_Player works
under Linux with that emulator.

If  you like, the program may be sent to your personnal e-mail adress. Give
it to me and I'll send the program directly.

Best 73s and let's enjoy CW.

e-mail :