Welcome to the DB0ANF APRS Server v2

Hello and welcome to the DB0ANF APRS Server. These pages are the new frontend to the well known functionalities of this system. Please select from the top and left side menus, or search for a callsign from the search box that is always displayed at the right side.

Cookies and Javascript

For most functions of this site, javascript and cookies are required. We are not interested in tracking your internet activities and will not do it. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can set-up your browser to delete all cookies once you close the browser, however your individual settings for this site will be lost in this case. If you prefer to not accept our cookies at all, the functionality of this site will be limited without further warning.


As usual in amateur radio, UTC is used for all timestamps displayed.

APRS data stream

Please check http://db0anf.de:14501 for details on available ports. If you'd like to get standard ports added, please contact us.

Covered Areas

This system is providing worldwide coverage, as long as the required data is available from APRS-IS.


Please select a category from the top menu, or run a callsign search from the search box above.