DB0ANF Amateur Radio Server

This server provides certain amateur radio related resources. Please follow the links below to select your application.

APRS Server

Online access to an APRS database, providing information about APRS stations, digipeaters, network status, propagation, and APRS weather stations.


Here you can connect your APRS client and get real-time APRS data from all over the world.

DX Cluster Telnet Login

Telnet access to worldwide dx cluster information. Host: db0anf.de Port: 7300. A valid amateur radio license is required!
If you operate your own cluster and would like to set-up a link to ours, please send an email.

Amateur Radio BBS Archive

Web access to our BBS Archive System, providing current and historic articles from the worldwide Amateur Radio Packet Radio BBS network.

DB0ANF Documentation and Blog

Information about this system.

Contact / Impressum